Available Resources (United States)

Key Features of All Resources

* Objectives stated at the beginning of each category

* Question bank for a full year of assessment

* Comprehensive instruction manual

* Results graph

* Test creation—question tracking sheet

* Answer key

* Ideas for including assessment for learning strategies

* All materials come on USB (memory stick)

* Used as an achievement and diagnostic tool

* Helps to identify strengths and weaknesses for each student

* Used by teachers throughout North America since 2001

* Based on objectives from the 2010 Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

Click the resource below for additional details.  You can also view the Grade 1-5 CC Outcomes & Profile Categories as a scope and sequence spreadsheet.

Grade 1          Grade 2          Grade 3    


Grade 4          Grade 5


Interested in learning more about this resource?

Interested in piloting a resource in your classroom?

Please contact Tanya by:

Email: tanya@mathprofile.com

Phone: 403-556-5834

Mail: Box 1725, Sundre, Alberta, CANADA T0M 1X0


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