What have others said about the Math Profile Assessment Tool?

What have others said about the Assessment for Learning in an Elementary Math Classroom session?

In 2003, the division two teachers A.B.Daley School initiated an AISI project with a Math focus.  It was our goal to improve student achievement in Math by adapting the delivery of the Math curriculum.  We moved from teaching Math concepts by strands to a multi strand approach through various strategies including: math journals, daily problems and students reviewed concepts daily. To assist in the assessment process, we used Tanya Braybrook’s Assessment Profile.   Students completed an assessment profile bi-weekly and tracked their progress.  This allowed the students to identify strengths and areas of need.  Students were able to share their understanding of math concepts with their parents using the assessment profile. Teachers were also able to adapt teaching as a result of the ongoing assessment.  In 2006, the Division one teachers examined the math instruction and adopted the assessment profile as a way to involve students in self assessment in Math.  This tool has been very effective in helping us meet our goal. One of the advantages of using the assessment profile is that it is based on the Alberta curriculum and utilizes a multi-strand approach to teaching Math concepts. Another positive aspect of the assessment profile is that it is easy to use and can be modified to meet individual classroom programs.

Elaine Mahan, A.B. Daley School

From delegates at the Greater Edmonton Teacher’s Convention, Edmonton, Alberta

It exceeded my expectations because I came away with far more ideas.  I’m excited to try a few things in my room.

I know where I am at and now where I want to go to incorporate assessment for learning in math.  Thank you!

I thought Tanya was a wealth of information, very organized, easy to understand, good concrete examples.  I would highly recommend her to others.

From delegates at the Calgary City Teacher’s Convention, Calgary, Alberta

Included some great self-assessment and record keeping ideas for students

This session was inspiring.  It also made assessment less frightening and more manageable.  They are very useful theories for my grade 1 class.  Thanks!

Excellent presentation that has made me think differently on how I will teach and assess math!  Thanks for the visuals, rubrics, etc.

The Math Profile Assessment tool benefits students, teachers and parents.  As a beginning teacher it allowed me to be confident and sure of my curriculum assessment.  As the student achievement graph develops over the year it clearly shows which strands the student has a strong grasp of, as well as areas where I need to concentrate on in my teaching for that particular student to see continued success.  To be able to show parents a clear working graph of their child’s achievement is very powerful.  Parents are grateful of its simplicity, and appreciative of having a clear indication of which areas they can focus on at home to further support their child’s learning.The accompanying computer software allows teachers to efficiently create tests with reassurance that each strand is properly assessed.  I have gladly recommended it to many colleagues who have begun using it.  I could not ask for a more useful, consistent and reliable assessment tool.

Terri Franks, 1st year teacher

From delegates at the Northeast Teacher’s Convention, Edmonton, Alberta (Div. 2 session)

It was useful vs. just theoretical; enjoyable.

Great ideas–I am a little hesitant about the assessment for learning so this helped!

This is incredible.  I love the continuity and it’s wonderful how it lessens test anxiety.

From delegates at the Northeast Teacher’s Convention, Edmonton, Alberta (Div. 1 session)

Fabulous!  I am walking away with lots to think about and ideas to incorporate.

Very easy to implement these strategies.

She was very interesting and engaging to listen to.


I was introduced to the Math Profile Assessment Tool in June 2006 at the Gadsby Colony School where I was substitute teaching after retiring from 37 years of regular classroom teaching.  We purchased the materials for all grades.  We used the diagnostic tests for all the students and found them to be most beneficial.  They were a valuable aid when speaking with parents about their children’s progress.  Students could easily see areas that needed to be studied for future success.  In general, I would recommend the Math Profile Assessment Tool for regular classroom use.  The wide range of areas that are included in each test give both the teacher and student a good indication of areas that need work as well as areas of success.

Marvin Evans, Gadsby Colony School

From delegates at the NCTM Regional Conference, Houston, TX

By far, the best, most informative session I’ve attended.

I can take ideas directly from this session into my classroom.

Great ideas.  I was a little surprised–it was not what I thought it was going to be.  I really got a lot out of it.

From delegates at the ATMNE Annual Conference,

Springfield, MA

Wonderful emphasis on the importance of a variety of assessment sources.  I particularly liked how you involve your students in tracking their progress.

Knew her topic, always learning, thoughtful

Presentation was very good.  Lots of ways to apply math profiles–very relative to current research.

From delegates at the NCTM Regional Conference,

Kansas City, MO

I walked away with something to help me with my kids.

It gave me some things to think about!  Students must be involved in knowing their strengths and weaknesses.  Thank you!

Very timely for me as we are really seeing a push for this in our district.  You made it very practical and applicable.  Thanks!

Anonymous Comments

“It made me see a different way of assessing math.”

“The assessment tool is amazing!  I can see where I can easily meet the weaknesses in my class right away!”

“Parents, students and myself are well informed about students’ overall understanding and comfort with each area in mathematics.”

“The assessment approach is so user friendly and gives great diagnostic information.”

“I liked the assessment graphing that students would fill in throughout the year as a self-monitoring tool as well as be visual for the teacher.”

“A neat way of graphing their math test results.”

“I love the concrete and visual Profile Assessment Tool!”

From delegates (education students) at the SMESA Conference at the U of A, Edmonton, Alberta

What did you like most about this session?

-variety of ideas

-scope of coverage

-passion to share


-handout–lots of resources that I can look up later


This was so helpful.  It was nice to gain ideas on assessment that can help organize and guide instruction.  I’m not so scared of teaching math.

Great presentation!  You have created an amazing program that I would love to try.  Thanks for making it possible for us to learn great new tools to help with our first years teaching.