DATE and TIME                                                                       CONFERENCE DETAILS

March 10, 2017                                                                             Mighty Peace Teacher’s Convention

9:00 – 11:45 — Assessment for Learning                       

in an Elementary Math Classroom

12:30 – 1:45 — Profile Assessment Tool

Contact Tanya to have her present at your next conference or professional development day.


Tanya has 2 different workshops that she can present to schools, divisions or at conferences.

Workshop #1:  Math Profile Assessment Tool                Profile Workshop Handout

The Math Profile Assessment Tool is a student, teacher and parent friendly strategy in line with the assessment for learning philosophy.  It assesses the curricular objectives on a regular basis, providing achievement information and clearly pinpoints areas of strength and weakness specific to each student.  This session will show how to actively involve students in their own assessment as they routinely graph their results.

Workshop #2:  Assessment for Learning in an Elementary Math Classroom               Assessment For Learning Workshop Handout

Do you feel like your assessment strategies aren’t “measuring up”?  This session will offer teachers new strategies for assessing students’ achievement of the math objectives. An overview of the research along with practical ideas, suggestions and samples of students’ work will be shared.  Strategies to incorporate learning targets, rubrics and math projects will be discussed.  An extensive handout will be provided.

Workshop Costs:

1/2 day (3 hours)=$400 plus substitute cost, $0.45/km mileage, meals

Full day (5 hours)=$650 plus substitute cost, $0.45/km mileage, meals

(Accommodation &/or flight if necessary)

Contact Tanya at or 403-556-5834 for more details or to book.